Comic made from one of the Dungeons & Dragons games I play in

Backstory to this comic is that the party has just ruined the plan this Hag had. She is extremely powerful and unofficially rules 1/3 of hell. The Hag, named Grand Magia, was trying to invade all the different planes of existence, and she needed to do it at the same time. Our party was asked by the Avatar of the plane of Earth to help him return, by destroying a rune that kept him out. We managed to destroy it. Because he managed to return in time, she failed in her conquest and is now doomed to die.

So the party was found by one of her henchmen as soon as they returned to the material plane, and was forced to stand before Grand Magia. She gave them different options, but they choose to pick from the Deck of many things. Different things happened to each party member, of different degrees of horrible. This just really hurt my character Pan.