Portfolio – School

Year 1

In year 1 we had courses such as photo, multimedia design, visual design, web publishing and basic programming (JavaScript).

Photo exam picture

I don’t have much to show from my first year. I look back and realise that some of the things I made now are dated and don’t look good. I will say however that from the time I first made this website, to now, it’s improved quite a bit. Back then I was so happy that I managed to add a colour glitch effect to a header using CSS.

Year 2

In year 2, we had courses such as video, sound, 3D-modelling and animation, graphic data processing and databases. It’s a bit sad but I have little to share here. Most of the videos are either too long to upload, or the files have been lost. Some of the tasks for the 3D-modelling course have also been lost, mainly due to not wanting to download the 3D-modelling program 3DS Max. 

This was probably one of the first tutorials we had for using 3DS Max. We also had to make some animations, but I never made a video of the results.

Year 3

The 3 year we had the courses application development, authoring software and an internship/ project of our choosing. I chose to apply for a short internship with a business (at UiA media centre) and had tasks such as editing videos, pictures and making posters. I also wrote my bachelor’s degree.

Authoring software exam: “Stolen Faces”, an e-learning course about deepfakes.

I should probably give more context to this one. In Authoring software, we learned to use after effects and e-learning development tools. The e-learning tools we normally would use is Adobe Captivate, but our group got approval to test out Lectora, since two of us in the group were going to make a course in it for our bachelor’s project. I don’t have the course file anymore, but we made videos as an introduction to what deepfakes can be used for. The course itself had more written information about them. 

Authoring software exam: “Stolen Faces” Deepfake e-learning course intro video
Authoring software exam: “Stolen Faces” Deepfake e-learning course ending video

My bachelor’s project was to make an e-learning course for new employees at UiA. It more or less goes into how to use the main system. A link to the course can be found here: Grunnkurs i FS. I worked with one other person on this project, and we also worked closely with the employees at UiA. My main part was creating graphics and animations. Here is a taste of some of them:

Year 4

In year 4 we had courses such as e-teaching, interaction design, user experience and e-learning and games. We mostly wrote reports or did analysis. But in e-learning and games we did make two games. The first game I made was an analog game, where the goal was to teach probability maths. The rules can be found below. Long story short, you play the game by guessing what suit the card is.

The other game was a digital game, where I worked in a group. The game is about lean management, and is played using Google Sheets. The rules to the lean management game can be found through this link to Google Presentation. Long story short, the players have to work together to fill out a google sheet in a certain amount of time, with some restrictions.

Year 5

For year 5, we’ve had some more creative courses such as 3D Visualization and virtual and augmented reality. These were intensive courses which lasted a total of about two months. During this time we made a game in 3D visualization, an app for AR and an app for VR.

This is just some clips from a game we made in Unity for the course 3D visualization. Most of the models were made by me in Blender. This was a group project where I mainly worked on the models and animations.

The AR app is an app where you can make spiders appear. The thought behind it was that it could help those with Arachnophobia overcome it by interacting with spiders in VR. We made a prototype of it, but we couldn’t develop everything we wanted.

The VR app was a fishing game. The thought behind it was that it would be nice to go to a fantasy world, with vibrant colours and nature for a short while, if you live in the middle of a concrete city. 

As for my masters project, we are making an e-course for adult healthcare workers. The main thing we are looking for in this project is what types of media engage adults in learning.