Meme based on the “Look What They Need to Mimic a Fraction of Our Power”

So the party got into a bit of trouble after they knocked a high-ranking hafling unconcious on the streets, right after she screamed for help. The hafling however, was running to her death. The hafling is a language expert, and is studying Aquan, the primordial language of water, and the plane of water. She found some hints on how to enter the plane of water, and has been trying to find the enterance in a huge glacier ever since. The party found her perfectly frozen, and fought off some water elementals to get her out alive. When she woke up from this frozen state, the first thing she wanted to do was run back inn.

The party had heard her scream when they were traveling through this glacier, and went to explore. They got smacked and dragged into a small river and ended up in the heart of the glacier. In this heart, they meet Eluvies, the Avatar of the water plane. She told the party that the hafling was a pain in the ass, and that she doesn’t want any visitors into the plane at this moment.

This is where things got complicated for my character. He studies the elemental languages, and for him to get to meet Eluvies is another goal down. He asked her to teach him Aquan, and he was given a hint as to how to learn it. It got complicated however since Pan learned about the hafling from another language expert before, and he figured it might be her. It turned out to be her, so he had to figure out a way to persuade her not to run to her death. But how do you persuade what essentially is yourself? He had more to gain by telling her to stop, than to let her continue her research. He coudn’t tell her anything either, so he comprimised.

Instead of letting her go in and get constantly frozen, he told her about how the planes have been unstable recently. The planes are closing for now, until things are more stable, so continue to research without disturbing. He then told her about the feather he’s holding in the image. It allows him to draw both on paper, and in air, and open a “window” to the plane of air. He tells her that there might be items that will allow her to see into the plane of water, to help her learn more about it. When he tells her this however, he notices that the hafling and her doctor is just staring in the window, and as soon as he turns to see, he just sees a blurr leave where the window can see.

To put his annoyence more into context: he’s been trying to learn anything about Auran (air plane) culture for a couple of weeks now.