Kagan Brainmelter, a wizard orc

This is also one of Greysen’s forms. The other party members have met this one now, and I actually have a bit of backstory for him! Kagan Brainmelter was a council member in the Soaring Cities, but was assassinated during a peace meeting. This happened around 90 years ago, and this life is the most recent one Greysen knows of. The following is what Greysen (and I) know about him:

He grew up in a camp with other orcs, but was smarter than them. He didn’t fit in with them, such as making soap. He wasn’t strong, but was smart, which he used to win in fights. He met Marian, his human wife, when she was kidnaped by his tribe. He got to talk to her alone, and agreed to help her get out if she taught him magic. She taught him magic and brought him to the Soaring Cities.

He got his last name when he went back to his tribe and challenged the strongest there, he melted his brain. He quickly rose through the ranks in the soaring cities, and this caught Isha’s attention. He quickly learned magic, even amongst other wizards. Since Kagan was raised in an orc tribe, this was even more impressive. He became one of the most powerful wizards in the city.

His death: he was in a peace meeting south of the Soaring Cities when he was assassinated 92 years ago. He was killed by a poisoned arrow. When the witnesses were interrogated, it seems that the arrow had a small vial of acid attached to it, that quickly melted away part of his skull. The arrow itself disintegrated not long after he teleported away, leaving no trace behind. The killed was never caught. Whoever they were, they covered their tracks extensively.

– My DM

Due to his curses having multiple levels, I’ve made some drawings that represent when he starts changing. They are:

List of his forms:

More forms will be posted as they are revealed for the other players in the game.