So Pan is the only one that had yet to experience the nightmares of Grand Magia, so he played with fire. He has been curious about his own growth since the last time he saw her, so he went to sleep without his talismans to protect him. Hoping to find strenght through the dagger he recieved from Brastes, he failed missarably and spent his night being psycologically tortured by Grand Magia. Having his every little flaw and insecurity picked on and dug out.

Some background:

So a while ago the party got cursed by a hag that more or less rules 1/3 of hell. They stopped her from taking over all the different planes of existence, and she is now dying. We recieved different curses from a modified deck of many things, such as:

  • Lycanthropy (everyone has their own animal they change into. Pan turns into a goat).
  • Pocket plane (we don’t know how to access it).
  • Nightmares (we don’t know any details about this, but we have to carry talismans around to not have horrible nightmares).

We also have individual “curses”. The ones Pan got were:

  • Having to choose one of which was destroyed; his most precious item, or “Friend”. I already made a comic of this, which can be read here.
  • Has an “inheritance” waiting for him back in his home country.
  • He can unlock anything (that is locked) once at will. He drew this card as an extra one to learn what the previous one did.

All in all, he was lucky with the cards he drew.