Ferelle Nightshade, a wood elf (might be a druid)

Believe it or not, but this is also one of Greysen’s forms! As he is a Revived Rogue, he remembers his previous lives. With the help of some homebrewing, and because he is a changeling, they act more like curses and can affect him and his appereance. His “memories” doesn’t just act like memories either, but are more like voices in his head that have their own preffered actions. Due to this, when he hits curse level 3, he completely change his appereance to whichever previous life is the more dominant at the time. He also has a harder time controlling them.

Due to his curses having multiple levels, I’ve made some drawings that represent when he starts changing. They are:

List of his forms:

More forms will be posted as they are revealed for the other players in the game.